Autumn Writing Prompts For Publishing’s Busiest Season | Writer’s Relief

Autumn is publishing’s busiest season! But after a summer of lazy days and beach chairs, you may need some inspiration to fall back into the writing groove. To help you get started, Writer’s Relief has found these autumn-themed visual writing prompts to inspire crisp new writing ideas!

Caveat: Writer’s Relief would love to read what you write in the comments section! Just be aware of publishing industry rules about previously published writing—most works posted online are considered previously published.

Autumn-Themed Writing Prompts


While leaf peeping, you become lost and find this quaint town. When you stop at a house to ask for directions, you’re very surprised by who answers the door.


On a chilly autumn evening, the car breaks down on a misty, deserted road. It’s a classic horror story scenario…or is it?

There’s something written on the back of the leaf she’s holding. What does it say?


It’s Halloween morning, and this dog has appeared at your door. Is this a trick or a treat?


Write an Edgar Allan Poe-style poem that echoes this image.